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One of the things that we love as escorts, is that we have the chance to meet and share incredible moments with a lot of different persons and in many different situations. This gives us a lot of experience and knowledge and makes us to grow faster than other girls. Most of these experiences are wonderful, so we decided that we wanted to share with the world how unbelievable our lives are.

In this page we will be publishing personal and private stories from our Russian escorts in Barcelona, just for you. A new way to let you know how they see the world they're in, how they live their dates and lives and how they really are personally. We know this information is valuable for you, in order to get to know them better and even choose a girl to book. So, we hope you will like their stories and you have a good time reading.

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Mr and Mrs. Smith It was quite a peculiar one night stand. My clients were American couple. They had booked me for one night stand. Usually, single men booked me for a date or one night stand. But, this was the rare occasion where Husband and Wife had booked me for one night. I was quite curious to know the background story. Hence, I arrived in their hotel suite on time. The three of us went to dinner first where they told me that the reason behind booking me. Mrs. Smith was quite honest person, she told me that they have been married for more than 12 years, but her husband is not just interesting in sex. She had taken him to doctors, Sexologist and all that but had no successful result. One of her colleague suggested it book an escort girl. Maybe, having sex with another woman can excite passion in him. She liked the idea and hence booked a flight to Moscow specifically for this job. Both of them liked my profile and selected me to play their muse. I doubted on delivering successful results after listening to their story and told them that I can try my best, but can’t ensure success in it. Both were okay with that. Now as we entered the room, I started soft music on my I-pad. I made a strong drink for Mr. Smith to calm his nervousness. Then, I loosen up my hair, take off my stroll, unbutton my shirt and performed an erotic dance for him. As my clothes went on by one, I could see his organ little bit excited. When I was almost naked i.e. in lingerie, I told him to rub oil on my body. Like an obedient child, he followed my instructions. He started from my boobs. It was nice to see him getting fond of my tits. He squeezed them hard, took them in mouth and kissed them for some time. Then, he applied oil all over my body. Automatically, he started licking my vagina. I got excited at this. Then, he started kissing me passionately all over my body. His lips were moving all over my body. I was glad to see his wife smiling at getting desired results. After kissing, he turned me upside down, spread my legs apart and inserted his loaded organ deep inside my body. His organ was small than normal. I really felt pity for such a handsome guy. To make him motivated, I started shouting, “Come On, Come on“. It took him at least 40 minutes to ejaculate inside me. But, finally he succeeded. His wife was glad to see the desired result. She had tears in her eyes. She kissed my hands in happiness again and again to see the desired results. But frankly, I told them that you have to be very patient and gentle while making love to me. If possible, take help of Viagra for normal sexual intercourse. Both Husband and wife listened patiently and told me that they would keep this in mind. One year later, I received a call that Mrs. Smith had a baby girl. Both of them thanked me for a lot for solving such a big problem from their life. I felt good and thanked god that at least my body has done some good service.


Making Happy a Heartbreak Kid The problem with shy guy is that he is not able to express his feelings to her loved ones. It happened with Mr. Alyosha. The guy liked someone in his office but due to his reserved nature, just admire her through eyes. One day, the girl got married to someone else and poor Mr. Alyosha was left with a broken heart. Like all Russian men, to lift his spirits up, Mr. Alyosha booked my service to share their personal thoughts. I didn’t feel any pity for him; in-fact anger was what I felt only. Most girls want to listen, “I want to marry you.”, but due to idiots like Mr. Alyosha; most girls don’t listen what they want to. I decided to train him so well that next time if he liked a girl he should say her in her mouth. For two hours, I told him how to walk, talk and behave like an elegant man. He listened patiently like an obedient student and followed my instruction quite well. Now all it came to making great love. I started with gentle kissing on his lips. Both of us got really involved while kissing and didn’t even realize when both of us start taking each other clothes off. Soon, we were naked and touching each other private parts. I squeezed his organ in my hand while he gently fondled my lovely tits. It was a lovely experience. Then, both of us start kissing each other passionately. He moved his lips all over my body especially my navel was his favorite area. He was just fond of it and kissed it again and again. The atmosphere was quite heaten up with our intense love making and I decided to cool it down. I suggested him that we should take a shower experience together. He agreed immediately. We went to shower where we rubbed soap on each other body and washed it with kissing. I told him to embrace me tightly and give me deep passionate kisses like most of women wants. He did as I told him and soon understood how to make a woman happy. Now, he lifted me on his knees and inserted his loaded cock right inside my vagina. He moved quite ferociously but got slow as I told him that I was feeling pain. Then, he moved slowly rotating his cock from all angles inside my body. He continued this till he ejaculated. After getting his climax; he was satisfied with what he did and wanted a little bit rest. In contrast, I wanted a little more fun out of his body. I take his sperm licked cock in my mouth and sucked it slowly. I started slow then increase my speed with each move. The guy laughed out loudly as I took his whole cock deep inside my mouth. Within 15 minutes; the guy ejaculated. Both of us cleaned ourselves and came back from our passionate shower encounter. It was a wild moment for us. The guy personality changed dramatically after spending time with me. He was feeling like a stud and full of confidence. He gave me a good-bye kiss before going back to his work. Next time, I heard of him was that the guy was married. He gave me a call and thanked me hundred times of getting rid of his shyness. I felt glad that as an escort at least ; I was of some help.